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Consultants to Florida’s Construction Industry

Our professionals represent Florida’s top talent across disciplines, including engineers, project and construction managers, planning and scheduling specialists, cost engineers and claims specialists. Our construction experts understand technical, regulatory, business and legal matters and are seasoned at preparing and delivering expert testimony. Our scheduling professionals specialize in project planning and scheduling, with an emphasis on avoiding and mitigating project delays and claims. We have consulted on project spanning all sectors of the Florida construction market from civil and roadway projects, to hospitality, health care and theme parks. More

Professional Services We Offer:

– Planning & Baseline Schedule Development
– Schedule Review, Audits, Updating & Maintenance
– Construction Claim Preparation
– Delay & Lost Productivity Claims Analysis
– Expert Reports & Testimony
– Owner’s Representative Services
– Program Management & Project Advisory Services
– Training Classes in Construction Management & CPM Scheduling

Representative Projects
Industry Sectors

cpm100 wide Planning & Scheduling
Our certified scheduling professionals specialize in project planning and scheduling, with an emphasis on avoiding and mitigating project delays and delay-related claims. Whether you need a baseline schedule, integrated master schedule or professional review of an existing schedule, Florida Consultants can provide easy and effective scheduling solutions to meet your project needs.
Construction Claims
Construction and risk go hand-in-hand. Disputes can arise even on the best-planned projects. Disputes can be avoided or minimized by involving construction claims specialists to provide an independent and objective analysis of the issues at hand. Should a construction claim occur, we can assist you in assessing and validating entitlement and quantifying damages, allowing for timely and successful resolution.
Forensic Delay Analysis
Delay analysis can be one of the most frequently contentious areas of testimony provided by expert witnesses. Our consultants are delay claim experts. We use the most recognized and accepted analysis methodologies, such as contemporaneous period analysis and time impact analysis. Our people find ways to present their analysis in a manner that is simple to understand and robust enough to withstand scrutiny.
litigation Litigation Support & Expert Services
We can provide support to your legal team as a consultant or as a testifying expert. Our professionals are experienced in mediation, deposition, arbitration and trial court proceedings. We specialize in matters involving scheduling, delay, disruption, acceleration, project mismanagement, deficient contract documents, construction defects, professional liability, contract terminations, differing site conditions and contractor defaults.
Program & Construction Management
We can assist you from the beginning of a project or we can step in when a project is in trouble and help get it back on track. From healthcare facilities to resorts and theme parks, our consultants are specialists in managing complex construction projects in Florida. Our goal is to help you reduce risk, improve quality and realize cost savings on your next project. We are specialists in providing Owner’s Representative services.